Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week -1: The Herald of Discord - Command Squad Officer

....and once again I had to finish it before I posted, what with the craziness of the holidays (I had like 4 Christmases!). There is a little blue because I wanted to see what it would look like on other models before I settled on my colour scheme. This model will be my officer, though I may need to add a power weapony type thing to him. Once again, my skin is chunky. I tried adding water to it, but I guess I am just loading my brush up a little too much. I hate flesh.....ah, I can't wait till I start on my cold, steel encased chaos space marines.....Anyway, here is the before and after pics:






I also finished a third model for this squad, albeit in two weeks rather than our predetermined one week. Here is the medic:



And here is the three together:


I need to decide what I am going to do for the next week...and find time to paint it...aggh another Christmas and New Years for me until I get back to work, sigh...sooo many presents :P

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week -1: Craig - Glad Christmas is over.

Painting has been slow this week, what with Christmas and having the Parents, Brad 'n' Bren, and both dogs at the farm house. I used metalics sparingly on the hammerer, and only his stein has a coat of brass and thin gold highlights. The idea to emphasise the importance of the stein, as acording to the fluff dwarfen armies run on beer.

I use Karl's advice and put a brown undercoat on used the red gloves and hammer halft. It helped the red and tan respecticely look less "transparent". I also tried a bit of weathering on the purple trim of his mail coat, but the brown wash was very thin. I noticed a but of things to touch up in the pictures.

For the last week of 2009, I'll be trying my hand at Magnificent Ego's Wizard Spell book 1 - sculpted by Clint Staples from about 2004. I liked this set, as it a bunch of spell effect props. It consisting of two "Hands", a "floating disk", and a two part "ball of fire". I have a bunch of Magnificent Ego minis in the unpainted pile, that I try to avoid, as they have some tricky assembly and subtle raised details. I'll need to trim the flash, and base coat them and there shold be four finished pieces, when this set is complete.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Week -1: Scallywag - Ahoy there Mate!

Just before Xmas Reaper made a claim that they make the best mini's in the world. I think that claim is horribly wrong. Reaper has a very long history and they have filled a great gap. While I think that there is no way they are close to the best, they are pretty cheap and you can find Reaper minis for 2.99. They have also been great for many rpg'ers who have used reaper mini's to represent their characters. The sheer size of range gave gamers a large choice and you could find something that would work. For this Reaper has been awesome.
Reaper has been plauged for years by some blocky detail, but the wrost for me was their crappy swords. The process they must use in their casting doesn't allow for realistic swords and many of theirs are amazingly thick. Which is a pity as some of the mini's are really good except for the huge sword.
For my week 2 I am going to go with the Pirate King seated on the chest. His Queen i'll do later. This is one of the best Reaper mini's I have owned. I like the scultp [especially on the queen] and it has character. A good amount of detail and while it doesn't break any conventions where pirates are concerned its still a fun mini. The cutlass is way to big. Its not to thick this time, just to large. But it doesn't ruin the mini.
I am going to do him as a Royal Navy officer turned pirate so I am going to do his coat in Navy Blue, black, red leather, light brown pants. going to keep it simple but I am hoping to get the paint on nice and smooth on him.

Week -1: Karl - Achtung Panzer!

Didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked on this mini with Christmas and playing around with the spray gun/air brush that I bought. Getting the paint thinned correctly for the airbrush is difficult work and only one of three tanks even got under coated enough to put on the painting table. In any case, after a rush job (it was still desert yellow yesterday morning) I finished my minimum one tank. I'll need to do some more research on markings as I recieved a decal sheet with the minis.

I also tried a bit of weathering on this tank as it was looking quite plain when I had finished (and I am quite a messy painter so it hides some faults). I'll need to give this mini another go as I noticed that there are a few thigns to touch up in the pictures.

For the last week of 2009 I will paint a few left over warriors for Dungeons and Dragons. Both appear to be Ral Partha minis, but I will not be rebasing them so I cannot check underneath the minis.

Week -1: Hivemind - Chained to My Work

Here's an update on the progress so far for my Space Marine Captain. Painting has been slow this week, what with Christmas and visiting and all that fun stuff. Haven't gone out boxing day shopping, but other things have kept me busy. Anyway, here is the progress so far. I've finished adding detail to the model and am ready for final cleaning and priming.

A note on the conversion:

I've removed the original bolter and hand, and added a plastic bolter with drum feed. This was done for stylistic reasons and to make it look like the bolter has a bigger capacity. Because this captain has a fondness for his bolter, and because of certain oaths he has taken, I've added chains and honorifica to ensure he does not break his vows by accident, and to protect his highly valued posession.

Atop his head, I've attached a laurel. This is but one of his badges of rank, though it is the most prominantly displayed. Finally, I've swapped out his old backpack, which just didn't have the right lines in the cloak, and added a new backpack with Imperial Aquilla. This, combined with his laurel can represent an iron halo, if desired.

So, priming is next, followed by paint.


Week -1: Scallywag - The Eldar kind of dude is done.

I could have spent a lot longer on this guy, but in the end I am happy with him. There was a lot of experimentation on him. Whenever I do that it's a hit or miss kind of thing. I was really worried about my choice of psudo camo colors at the start, but I think they work fine for what I was going for. I did red leather instead of the usual brown and I am pleased with how that turned out. I liked how the helm looked and that part wasn't too difficult to paint. Went with plain gun metal/mithril for the chest plate and sword. I did some red on the sword where you might put highlights, but they are not highlights. I just did it to see how it looked. So the first of mine is now done.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Week -2: Senekal - Here's my Eradicator conversion

First of all, thanks to Karl for organizing this. Getting into the spirit of getting some stuff done is really exciting.

Here's a link to my Eradicator conversion. It's been painted too, just no pictures of the fully painted vehicle quite yet. Hopefully soon now that the holidays are quieting some.

Mike M.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Week -2: Hivemind - Beat to the Punch!

Well, it seems everybody's got a bit of a head start on me, and I didn't realise this whole thing had started already as I was having "issues" getting set up.

However, now that I've got this thing set up, I do have a miniature to work on, if I could just find the bloody thing to photograph....

Anyway, envision if you can, the old Games Workshop MKVII captain with left hand powerfist outstretched, and bolter aimed.

I'm converting that model up a bit, by changing the bolter, and adding some detail bits. My goal is to have it painted up for this Saturday. And if I can, I'll try to squeeze in another model to make it two by the end of the weekend, so I can catch up.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week -2: The Raf - Dire Avengers

Curses! You guys have already beat me to the punch...nice job all on the minis that have already gone into production :)

As you can see above, I've got my work cut out for me as I have two full units of Dire Avengers that need painting (for god's sake, I can't have my only troop choices remain unpainted!). One group is naked and the other is basecoated red. I've magnetized all the Exarch weapons as I've been doing on the vehicles, so the second photo shows that. I'm aiming for a tabletop painting level (they are basic troops after all) so expect somewhat of a rush-job, ha ha.

I'll probably have to break the monotony of these guys up as time goes on so you might see me sneak a fresh mini in every couple of weeks, but for now these guys are my pet project.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week -2: Craig - Ugg.

Well, This was not quite a failue but, It is an ugly fuly paint job.

I am pretty embarased by it.

I am not happy as the photography reveals thin spots in the paint and gradients in the highlights are at best aprupt and inconsitent.

Week 2 is a basic Games Workshop hammerer.

Black base coated. He has beard and armor, so i'll see how it work out.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week -2: Karl - One down and 53 to Go

Damn, The Herald of Discord beat me to the punch!

I have finished my miniature for this week. Lots of layering and dry brushing because that's what I know how to do. Hopefully I'll learn how to do washes effectively by the end of the year. I also note that this challenge may be more difficult than I thought!

I dropped the stripey pants, it was just not working on this model. I've also run out of my nice dark brown, so the basing will be held off for now. In any project one simply MUST have the right tools and materials.

The photography is quite harsh. When I have my house back in order I'll construct a photography booth to help wiht the lighting.

[Edit] I forgot to post this week's minis. I am going to have a go at three Deutsche Afrika-Korps panzers produce by Battlefront for the "Flames of War" game, for a painting competition at I'll finish at least one tank this week.

Week 1: Tristan - Pyromaniac Wyrd (necromunda)

Here is my mini I plan to paint first week of January. My thoughts for this blog are to get one-off's painted, such a hired guns for necromunda or mordheim, characters for warhammer quest, etc. I think I've got enough single mini's to take me into March so that should hopefully give me enough time to grab some more for later in the year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week -3: The Herald of Discord - Command Squad Guardsman

Unlike that scaberous Scallywag, I love GW models. However, rather than debate several points in aforementioned person's post, I will get down to painting....goodness knows how hard it is for me to even keep this up, but I'm going to try, and Damn the torpedos. My models are going to be primarily GW as I have two armies and a boat load of collected pieces that I just need to finish painting....and I do not like painting. Thus, this will be the proverbial Lascannon under me arse to get me going on some of my miniatures. That being said, I'll have a few Confrontation pieces and maybe one or two other miniatures to mix it up every once in a while.

This past Wednesday, in the wee hours of the night, I sat down to my finally converted Imperial Guardsman. After a few tests to see what colours I had, I settled on GWs Enchanted Blue and Skull White, with some Snakebite Leather. This would be my main colours. To add some interest and variety to the model, I decided to throw in some Goblin Green on the converted Lasgun. This particular Guardsman is for a unit I am converting, inspired by the new Naval Officer advisor GW has come out with. While I do not have a Guard army, I wanted a unit that could stand as either a Command unit or as a Kill Team. This will be the first of that ten man squad.

This is what the Guardsman looked like Wednesday night when I started painting him:


After a long Thursday and busy Friday, I almost had him done....this morning I finished him off. I kept his base black, since I did not want the impression that he was outside, but I added some details to the base so it did not look unpainted. I also added a shoulder pad to the model in the original picture...I even convert while I am painting apparently. Here are the final pictures.



The colours came out how I wanted them, and I am starting to learn how to control the thickness of my paint. The only thing that really irks me is that some parts of the models I used, which had been pre-owned, were already thickly painted and so affected the model's final paint job. Aye weel, its still a model I feel proud of.
Week 1, Model 1

Edit: Weeeeel, after seeing the model through that camera, I found some things I wanted to I went upstairs, put on some paint, took new pictures and...tah dah!



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week -3: Scallywag - Eldar Warlock

My opening mini is going to be a Eldar Warlock. I will keep my GW dissing to a minimum. I won't be painting a lot of GW stuff as while I think many of the mini's look fine as part of an army, they just don't have the detail for a stand alone show piece.

So having said that I am starting with a 40k Eldar. Am I stupid? Ok that might be debatable. I have had the Eldar sitting around for a while and I have always found myself distracted by other mini's and never got around to painting it. This is the perfect opportunity to move this one out of my to do pile, and I don't mind the sculpt.

I will be doing him in my usual wash method. As for colors hmm as he isn't going to be part of an army I don't have to follow traditional Eldar color patterns. I might have a go with earthy tones. Kind of like he's a sci-fi ranger out in the wilderness. So maybe Greens and Browns.

I am looking forward to the challenge and I hope we can all finish it without anyone dropping out. 52 mini's in a year is a pretty cool thing I think.

Week -3: Craig - Inquisitor of Malvernis,


I always need practice paiting minitures. I tend to paint thickly, and have an unpainted pile is bigger then my Orc Warhammer Army.

I'll be starting early, on the weekly miniture project with Reaper Dark Heaven, Inquisitor of Malvernis, sculpted by S. Garity in 2003.I actually chose this mini Because it has a face mask and I have trouble with establishing the shading details for faces.
The things I like to see on this are the blue grey travel cloak with dusty road grim fringe, and some of the nice details on the backpack and ridge detail in the robes.

In terms of Colours, I'll favour green for clothing, and brassy and gold for metallic accents.

I also hand base coated him in white as I try to use thinner coats to preserve the details.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Week -3: Karl - Painting for Food

I did not have enough money to cover my meal at the weekly D&D game this week, so I'll be painting for my food the next few weeks. I'll be starting early on my Weekly Minis production with this Ral Partha ogre. Not sure of the exact name of the mini, "Ral Partha Ent C 1991" is inscribed on the bottom.

I think I'll limit my palette to ruddy colours, except for the pants which will be striped off-white (with stains) and blue.