Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 52: Karl - More Ugly Ogres!

I plied the whip hard this week and the painting drone finished three decent minis. First up is an ogre from the pile of miniatures to paint for friends. I had fun painting this Ral Partha miniature, it has its own personality. The stripey pants were something I have been trying to do for ages. I think I am getting the hang of it.

Since I had the colours out, I went ahead and finished a hill giant/ogre I had started many months ago. The same layering techniques were used as described for the previous ogres and halflings. In this case I used fewer layers and Citadel Colour "Dwarf Flesh" as my lightest colour. This created the ruddy skin look. An red areas were done using the GW ink washes (Yes I cheat, but the results show well).

Even though I was on break this week, the painting was tiring me out, so I switched over to an old stand-by green flesh. Since I have had much practice and the right colours (dark: Citadel Foundation Orkhide Shade, light: Citadel Colour "Goblin Green") this was an easy miniature to paint and help pad out my miniature count.

Finally, I have some Battlefront Indian Pattern Carriers for Flames of War. The carrier on the far right is a command vehicle and unarmed, while the remaining vehicles are part of a carrier recon platoon. I actually completed these vehicles round week 38, but never got around to posting.

This little painting experiment was partially successful. The majority of weeks had new postings. Personally I did not paint as much as I hoped. In fact, I did not meet my main goal, which was to finish painting the figures my friends had given me to paint (I have had some for several years!) The weekly deadline is too tight for me considering my laziness, which got the better of me once I started playing video games again (man, Fallout 3 is addictive). I'd like to keep this painting log going. I will make one change; the minis displayed each week will not necessarily be painted during said week, but some time before the posting and January 1st, 2011. This will, hopefully, allow for my bursty painting schedule, other gaming, the various mundane demands of life and the life changes (welcoming a baby boy!) in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year!

Cool Mini New Year to everyone

I hope 2011 is a productive year for everyone and that you all keep safe and well.

My current project. A YF-19 from Macross Plus in 1/48 scale. Its big and scarey.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 52: Dreadnaught

As I had time I thought I'd do this. Originally I had intended to do this in a lot more detail. But as it is the lesser quality of the available Dreads I decided to not go crazy on it. I have a huge project that I have been working on which demands doing it right, so not taking this one as far as I was going to ended up being fun.

I did it in purple, my first idea was blue, but didn't have the blue I wanted and I have not done purple really so it was something new. I tend to do Green and Blue a lot. What normally happens is it takes me a while to finish a mini and it might have been heavily green, so I think hmm what I should i do now. I know something blue. Finish that and think its been a while since I did something green. Then I look at my shelf and see blue green blue green.

The flash isn't my friend and it does bleed out the colors some. Dry brushing around the edges and shins. Added dirt and black smoke around the stacks and guns. The battlegrey shows as blue in the images for some reason. Not the best camera.

I had a blast doing this challenge and I really didn't think I was going to finish it with the target number of one a week. I am very happy I did.

I am more than happy to see this blog continue. Though not as a challenge. I think we all need a bit of a break from that. Though I would not mind doing a six month challenge in the later half of this year or another year one for say 2012. I'm open to that. But for 2011 if we want to use this as a forum to post our finished stuff and chat like we have then that has my vote.

The Dread will be my last for 2010 as my other project will not be finished as I am waiting on paint to come from Hong Kong. I wish all you a great holiday and a cool 2011


Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 51: No more will I paint today you with

This has taken me six months on and off as I was involved with other projects and time crisis etc. 72mm tall Luke Skywalker and Yoda as seen during Dagobah. No more will I teach you today. It was fun overall and I love the sculpt. 72mm is hard to work with as you can't hide mistakes and this one has more than I'd like. Its my third 72mm but my first with so much skin. Learned a lot and will do my next one very different I think. Not just in painting but also in construction. I think the way I normally like to do it just is totally wrong for these larger scale mini's. While I think I can do better now I am still happy with how it looks.

1 TO GO!!!!!

Week 32 -50

So this was a huge experiment for me. I don't play any of the mini games, but as a Role Player I can dig them and feel that we are all gamers whichever we are doing. Having said that I have never painted army style. As I never had to. My mini's when I am happy with them sit on display on my shelf. I spend much more time than the average gamer does on his, but that's only because of necessity from both sides. A display mini takes longer, but if I was building an army and painted it in my usual way I would NEVER finish even a 500pt army. So as an experiment I thought I'd try doing a unit. I chose a bunch of Mantic games skeletons and sat down to work on them as if I would be doing them for play.

Now I don't know how other people do it. If I had to give it one word I would say: Methodical. I did it in stages. Stage 1 assembly, stage 2 first color on all of them, stage 3 second color on all and so on. If I was use one word that wasn't involved with this little experiment would be: fun.

OH MEIN GOTT!!!! was this boring. Doing it in such a methodical manner took all the creativity out of it for me. I had a production line. I know some GW players who hate painting. I can understand if this is how they did it.

i am happy I tried this style as it was not something I have done and I have new respect for dudes like RAF who can paint a group of mini's for a unit and not only do they not suck but they are pretty cool.

Now the race is on for me to finish 2 more by midnight Dec 31st. In my typical retarded way I am doing a GW Dreadnaught and finishing off a 72mm beastie.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 50 - Final 6 Guardian Jetbikes

Finished 6 more Guardian Jetbikes today, with this my ultimate goal of 18 total troopers on bikes is complete. Final photo shows the whole 18 of them together in all their glory! Same conversion on the two Shuriken Cannon bikes (second pic) where I just chop off one side of the gun and glue it onto the other side - basic but effective.

I think this will likely be my last update this year, it's been a real pleasure blogging with you all and seeing everyone's painted stuff. Scallywag's recent military models have been a great change of pace to see in particular!

I realize we kind of went off the rails of the whole model-per-week thing but I think between the lot of us we generally managed at least one post per week or so, that's some kind of achievement for sure!

Karl, do you think you'll keep this blog going in the new year?

Merry Christmas to everyone out there (or Happy Holidays if it's more appropriate to your own situation!) and have a fun New Year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 31: First Tank

This is a 1/76 scale British Mark 1 Female tank. This was in many ways a war winner. Offering protection and being able to crush the barbed wire lines and engage the enemy trench. The partner to this is the Male, which was armed with canon. The Female with MG's. The tank revolutionized war and the Allies completely failed to exploit their creation. Germany didn't make that mistake and unleashed Blitzkrieg. Armor, artillery, infantry and air support at key points to break through a enemy front line.

This is a Airfix kit and it had no serious issues. It was a quick and fun build. I added a lot of silver drybrushing and then dirt.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 48 - Storm Guardians

Got some mildly converted Storm Guardians for you today. I used the regular Guardian bodies and heads combined with the actual Storm Guardian kit weapons. GW in its infinite glory of course only actually gives you 6 pairs of pistols 'n' swords (plus the two melta/flamer sets) so I used Dire Avenger Exarch pistol-esque arms and a couple of Wood Elf swords to model the last two needed. I painted them to look more commando-like than my regular Guardians...wishful thinking perhaps. Similar to the standard GW scheme but with my own additions of white and gold for a twist. Hope you guys like them!.

By the way, I also recently started a video channel on Youtube where I post battle reports and vids looking at my individual painted units:

It's young but I've already got three battles posted and a bunch of my models, expect more as it grows!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 47 part 2 - Eldar Falcon

Finished an Eldar Falcon yesterday, this is my second for the army now. Weapons and turret magnetized as always for ease of transport and weapon-swapping. I also finally bought strong enough magnets to make magnetized flying bases for all my vehicles so I've also included a pic of what that looks like, for anyone curious. It's such a godsend to have the vehicles on magnet bases, the pinhole bases GW provides standard are completely inadequate. The metal adds nice weight to the models as well, makes it a real pleasure to pick them up when moving them.

Hope you guys like the Falcon, it's the same scheme you've seen before. I really hope GW finally makes these guys "dedicated transports" in any new edition of 40k as I love fielding them but it's really painful to spend a heavy support slot to get them.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 47 - Stone Scribe Chronicler

Got my Stone Scribe painted up today, he's a support solo for the Trollbloods army. Haven't put anything on his scroll yet, debating whether to freehand it or try some kind of transfers, I might even just leave him as it is.

Standard skin of dark blue paint, light blue drybrush, lighter blue drybrush, finished with watered down blue ink. I'm trying to get motivated to finish a huge Dire Troll next, we'll see how things go...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 45 - Eldar minis: Yriel & custom Jetbike Autarch

Two Eldar autarchs for you today, the first one is the special character Yriel, carrying the Spear of Twilight. The second is my converted Autarch on jetbike with a laser lance and built-in melta gun. I've had the Yriel model probably for almost two years now, built and unpainted and I don't know what got into me but I finally threw down and painted the guy. I'm extremely happy with how Yriel turned out, not quite as happy with the custom Autarch but he'll do. Hope you guys like them!


Autarch on Jetbike:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 44 - More Eldar Guardians

Slashed and burned my way through 20 more Eldar Guardian Defenders, including another weapon platform + crew. Done in my primed white + GW red ink + painted highlights style as my previous 20 guardians. Second photo shows the whole swarm of 40 + magnetized weapon platforms together, gotta find a Spearhead game where I can field them all together as a raging mob of grenadin', melee-failin' mooks, ha ha.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 43 - Trollblood Long Riders & Horthol

Finally got my Trollblood cavalry painted up, including their support solo Horthol who has a mounted and dismounted version. Horthol's armor is done in my now standard Terracotta base/drybrush Boltgun Metal/paint gold/wash Devlan Mud style. The Long Rider cavalry are done in a much lazier style of straight Boltgun Metal/Gold and washed with old GW Chestnut Ink to match my original Trolls which I did that way. The only thing the bases are missing is the static grass as I just realized I'm all out of it.

Hope you guys like the models!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 42, The Herald of Discord, undead and heavy gear

Hello! There is COLOUR in my post this time and much more than a dash here and there.

First off, though, lets finish of the black clad gears with this new and last jaeger for now. This completes a squad of five with another 6 unpainted gears at my bros house.

Now, some fun stuff. I have here not one, but TWO zombie linemen for my undead blood bowl team. These two have names: Will (short for Wilhelm) and Grut. The shirts are a base coat of brown with yellow on top and then a brown wash over it. The pants are just green with a black wash. The skin is made from using various colours watered down and essentially washed over bronzed flesh with a light dry brushing of bronzed flesh over that.

Also for my blood bowl team, a ghoul. I alluded to these models a while back and finally painted one using the same technique for the flesh as for my red zombie in a previous post. The scars are picked out in bronzed flesh and the bone is white with a flesh wash dry brushing.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 41 - Hivemind - Necrons!

Hello everybody.

Yep, it's been a long time since my last post. That's not to say I have not been busy. In fact, I've had a lot of stuff going on and getting things painted. Primarily I've been focusing on Necrons. You see, I have a whole bunch of Necrons in my basement, and decided I would have them painted to a basic Table Top standard by the end of the year. So I've been steadily working away at getting these Necrons done.

First the Necron Warriors.

You can see my step by step progress at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Necron Warriors

Next up are Necron Flayed Ones

You can see the step by step progress for the Flayed ones at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Necron Flayed Ones

And finally some Necron Scarab Swarms.

You can find the step by step progress for the Scarab Swarms at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Necron Scarab Swarms

These are currently painted to a basic Table Top standard. Of course, I plan to lavish more detail on the models later one, but my first goal is to get everything in the army painted to the same basic standard. You can follow along on the progress at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly and search the keywords for Necron to keep up to date.

As for my miniature total, that brings me up to 41, so caught up!

Hivemind aka Starminer

Week 41, Herald of Discord, Heavy Gear/Space Marines/Hordes Custom

Hey all! Hope my ability to count is accurate as this should be week 41 by my meager calculations. Having been absent for some time I am behind, but I have not been idol during my hiatus and I bring you six new models for you to see my non-existent painting ability. Its a good thing I am good at choosing colours >.<

Anyway, enough self-debasement. First up, another terminator bring me ever closer to a fully painted army. This terminator is a bit different as he has on some long robes. I had decided with an earlier models to keep the robes a simple brown as I could always change them to white later. I think the brown works well and I do not foresee me changing it any time soon. This model has been converted to carry a chain fist. He is accompanied by a scout with heavy bolter stolen from my brother and inducted into the deranged, hallucinating army of space marines that is my ultimate vision.




You may also remember that I did a heavy gear. I have completed three more which means I now have 2 painted black mambas and two painted jaegers. I have one more jaeger to go and Ill have a squad. I have put a decal on the mambas to set them apart....I would like to do more decals on these guys, but since they are not a priority, it can wait. They are painted and that is good enough for me.



And finally, this next model is sculpted in part by moi. I stole the head from a GW ghoul and the hands from some orcs then built the rest. He is a version of the ever decadent Rasheth, the Skorne warlock from hordes. He needs more to beef him up to the same size as the real model, which is held aloft by a bunch of baby were-elephants, but I wanted a more aggressive stance than the one the model had. I call this one evil Buddha.