Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 4: The Herald of Discord - Mordheim Dreg Conversion

A little background for this model before I show it. This weekend I met up with my dear brother (who apparently doesn't know how to count as this is my 6th model and I am still listed as painting only 4, that jealous fiend!) who gave me the box of ghouls he had bought on my behalf for a reasonable price (never get anything full price, like me ol' gaffer used to say), I promptly built them, using a bit of kit-bashing and the like. While I am still adding all the doodads, I figured I would use them to make a ghoul themed Mordhiem gang.

Below you will find Stilton Terry Berry, a halfling theif who fell victim to a sinkhole and was deposited in a skaven infested sewer. Normally, this would be the end of our story...and of Stilton, but the morally dubious half-pint managed to survive the ordeal. He stole skaven weapons, drank contaminated water and ate skaven or rat whenever possible. Stilton's slippery slope of degeneration did not subside when he reached the surface. However, with less skaven about to satisfy his hunger, he turned to eating pretty much anything...raw. Stilton is no longer a halfling. His pale skin and ravenous eyes mark his new path towards ghouldom.

This model counts as a dreg, but is supposed to represent a halfling who is transforming into a ghoul. I painted his skin with a mix of red and bronzed flesh, then drybrushed flesh over it, and then dry brushed white over that. The idea was to give a pale-reddish look to the model, as if he was ill. His ninja clothes are simply black dryburshed with white. I am quickly finding that while this technique is AWESOME for sucks for clothes. His bow is blue because, while I originally thought the brown rope would stand out enough, his back simply needed something to add interest to that angle of the model. The front has the skaven symbol shrukiens painted in red. My favourite part of this model is the feet. I just love how they look with the brown and the black....very ninja-esque. The whole model took roughly 130 minutes to complete, including base coating.




Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 4: Karl - Pint Sized

This week's mini is totally appropriate. I am envious of Hivemind's painting skills and I have been watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Hence, short fellow in "envy green" jacket.

I like halflings. I have a pile of them to paint for Warhammer and Blood Bowl. This Games Workshop halfling is Lumpin Croop from the Dogs of War range. I am not sure if he can still be purchased. It is a fun model to paint, not to difficult with nice broad areas and enough detail to keep the eye interested. I have been using more water in my paints and blending the colours a bit more as well. I am not quite ready for wet-in-wet blending, but I think I improved with this mini. I may add a light red wash to the cheeks and nose and finish the base with some of the bead flock. I am hesitant to do the eyes as I always make the figure cross-eyed. I also note that I am missing his buckler.

Next week's miniatures will be some Napoleonic French infantry. Pictured above are two 15mm Old Guard from Essex. Essex is often criticized for incorrect proportions (gnomes in uniform!). I will be purchasing some Old Glory and AB miniatures in the future to do a comparison.

Week 4: Scallywag - You can't touch this!

My-my-my-my music hits me so hard makes me say oh my Lord

Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and to hype beat

Okay I will stop now with my 80's flashback. So here is my big warmachine which I have nicknamed Hammer Time. I could have done a bit more to this mini but in the end I didn't want to. This mini was to use a slotted base and I cut that off to fit the brick base. This required pinning which A blue green was my main color, so I used blue, black and gunmetal elsewhere. Lots of drybrushing and pigment use at the end. The scult had bits that are quite cool and bits that seem they could have done better.

Break it down!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 3: Hivemind - Hivemind's Captain Complete - Punch Drunk!

Done! For now. I've got it to the point where I can no longer paint. You see, yesterday I had Lasik and, though I can see fairly well, I'm still having some bluriness and just can't do the freehand work yet on his shoulder pads. So I'm calling this one done for now.

Now, as I've said, I just had some eye surgery, so don't know if I'll be painting at all for week 4. Though I have a few models in mind if I'm able. Watch this space!


Week 3: Scallywag Brick base Completed

Here is the base down. I used three different browns, starting with the darkest and working to the lightest. I highlighted each stone with a deep red just to mix the colors up a little, Then added a black wash to seep into the cracks. Finally added the varnishes and then the pigments. total time abour 4hours.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 2: Tristan - Dwarf (warhammer quest) painted

Here finally I am done with the Dwarf for warhammer quest (except for that blob of orange on his boot - how the hell did I miss that?!?!?). It was challenging picking a colour scheme that wouldn't tie him with troll slayers, especially once I ended up using the same key colour - however I think I've succeeded as he looks very distinct next to my troll slayer. I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out. What do you guys think?

Week 3: The Herald of Discord - Imperial Guard Grenade Launcher

So here he is, the finished grenade launcher. The back and front look good, but there are a few mistakes on the side:




And here is the finished command squad:


Not quite sure what I am going to paint next, but I think I need a break from all this blue. I am, however, happy that I finished a squad rather than just a single miniature and I hope I will do a few of these this year (thus gaining me an army or the better part of it). I think my command squad looks good so far. I also think they look like a reasonable start to a kill team. If I do add anything to the models, it would be wire cutters or rope or small add-ons like that.

Week 3: Karl - Lost: 1 Ogre Mini

Again I only finished one of the two minis I was planning on. I then promptly misplaced the box with the mini, paints and my good brushes, hence the tardiness of this post. Also something is funky with the uploading of pictures today.

Last Saturday I was able to stop by Dueling Grounds ( for a painting lesson with a Golden Daemon painter. I got a good tutorial on how to paint skin tones. The halfling at left is the test miniature. I tried the same techniques on the ogre. It may be that I tried too much to fast as the skin tones did not come out as I had hoped. I also note that I forgot the teeth. The other ogre has much more body hair, more like a gorilla than an ogre, and the texture causing me some problems. This is why I abandoned it.
Not sure what mini I'll be painting next week. I note that I am rapidly running out of time during the week. I am taking some evening courses which run late and there is much work to be done.
I may start doing smaller simpler miniatures until the classes end in April.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 4: Senekal - And the new ones on the work bench are...

Here are the next couple of tanks built, converted and awaiting primer.
The first is a fairly stock Executioner build from the new Demolisher kit. even so some superdetailing has been done such as the brackets and track links on the bow of the tank.

The second is a Punisher using a gun from an entirely different kit (the one next to it in fact) which required a lot of building and chopping to fit. The new Demolisher kit has a turret both wider and lower. If you look carefully you can see that the entire lower mantlet is plasticard and glass beads for rivets. Completely scratchbuilt.
You can see more of the coversion details on this at:

Week 3: Senekal

Okay - finally got around to getting some photos taken of my Eradicator.

This is a simple long shot of the finished tank.

You can see more photos of it here:

Folks asked about the painting so...

The conversion was more complex than much of the painting as the gun is from an entirely different kit and required the turret to be cut way back (about a centimeter) and then new plasticard armor extentions added to bring the armor back out to the original length but at a different angle.

Once that was done, the tank was primed white. Because of the white striping and green base I use a white prime for my armor. I've tried black and the green goes on far too dark requiring either a lot of extra coats or living with a very dark tank which isn't supposed to be. I had that problem with some of my artillery pieces where I used a black prime for the gun and fighting platform area and white for the rest of the tank. It works when done but was a lot more effort.

Once primed white the colour stripe nose areas are masked off so that they stay white and the entire tank is airbrushed green. Then the tan camo is added over that and finally the dark brown. The tan paint I'm using I'm not happy with and will replace when it's gone as it tends to speckle a lot through the airbrush and require a lot of clean up work with a brush after.

I glue the tracks on after the cam painting is done as it's a lot easier than hand painting over the cam which takes a long time and is just not needed if you put them on after. Tracks are primed black (although some I have were from old GW kits which were actually moulded in black - I don't bother to prime those).

With the cam done and cleaned up the mask is removed and any spray which got under it is cleaned up. This is when the treads are glued on and given a dark silver drybrush.

The red stripe (blue the artillery company but this tank is from the armored company) is painted carefully by hand. Details like stowage, lights etc. are then painted.

The entire tank is then sprayed with a gloss clear. This makes decals go on much better. After decalling it's sprayed with gloss again. (I skipped that step on this tank because I was in a hurry and regretted it as I got some decal silvering that I had to clean up later by hand). The weathering goes on over the gloss coat as it flows better.

For this tank I added chipped paint with a sponge to show damage from the crew moving around it. You can see it on the turret side behind the smoke launcher and on the track guards.

Shadows start by giving the entire tank a wash of thinned griffon sepia brown. There are fancier ways of getting that shadow but I find this both fast and effective. Additional shadows are done using thinned down dark brown oil paint. Dry brush weathering is then done, usually graveyard earth around the tracks and over them a bit to bring down the silver and rotting flesh for dust over the rest of the tank. Weathering powders were done at this stage for soot for gun muzzles etc.

Finally the entire tank was sprayed with a matte coat to seal everything in and kill the shine. Any metal bits (like the piston rods on the sides of the gun) were then touched up over this as a good matte coat will kill the look of the metallics.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 3: Hivemind - Bone Takes More Than a Week to get Bleached...

As you can tell, I'm probably not going to make the whole "Weekly Mini" timeframe. At least not right now. But I am still working on that captain.

Another update. Today I was painting the shoulder pads and head. I only got in a couple hours painting time, so not quite as far as I had hoped. But still decent progress, considering my lack of time...and spending considerable of it trying to salvage some old paint. Which worked out nicely.

The bone is painted using GW Graveyard Earth basecoat.

I then paint a layer of GW Bleached Bone as my main colour, leaving some Graveyard Earth showing around the edges. Feathering the edges so that the Graveyard Earth fades into the Bleached Bone. I then do a blend line, by painting Graveyard Earth into the depths, with Bleached Bone right beside it, and wet blend the two into an even gradiant.

Next I make a 50/50 mix of Bleached Bone and GW Skull White. I highlight with this mix on the areas light spills most. For this I wet blend from Bleached bone. Finally, I feather in pure Skull White on the edges and top highlights.I even out the blend by then glazing with a thinned down bleached bone and thinned skull white. This makes is look smooth.

Finally I darken the depths with thinned down brown ink (original Citadel ink) painted directly into the crevasses in a tightly controlled manner.

Week 3: Scallywag - Brick base

One thing I just really do not enjoy doing is basing. Its a chore and annoying and it takes more time than its worth to me to try and get a decent effect with using white glue and sand and all that.

However, what I do really enjoy is working on is fancy bases and playing around with them. Michael Num was very generous and donated to the Mini-Program I run a box of Warmachine that he no longer wanted. The mini's were divded up among the kids and I took the hardest one as it will be frustrating for the kids to use and I will use it to show a couple of ideas and techniques to them. That puppy is next weeks project.

As that mini is a big steam powered mother I wanted to get a different base than the standard one it came with. So I picked up this large broken brick/cobblestone street one. I am toying with a mix of red and brown style stained brick, with dirt. I think its going to take a bit to do well and won't be done in an hour. It's a nice break from doing figures.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 2: Scallywag - Pirate Queen.

The photo doesn't do the mini justice. It made the eyes very bright. In reality the eyes are a cold grey with a blue grey and are subtle. She was a lot of fun to paint and nothing on her gave me much trouble. The boots, coat, hat and skin were for once a breeze. I didn't shade heavily. She was the most fun mini I have done in a while. Most give me some hassle and annoyance. Painted with Vallejo colors and washes. I haven't based it yet as I am not sure what to do. The bases are raised and just doing sand won't look right. One Pic of her and one of the set.

My biggest problem right now is taking pics. The camera is great, but finding good settings is a whole new ballgame. I think the problem is the flash. Her eyes I am really proud of, but the photo makes them look flouresant. The skin is the best dark skin I have ever done, but the pic makes her skin look horrible. I use the micro function which is for right up close work but the flash is killing it. Something I have to work on.

Week 2: The Herald of Discord - Command Squad Heavy

I haven't gone to bed yet, so it still counts as Wednesday. I finished this earlier but couldn't get on the computer until now. I also forgot to take before pics, but by now, you know the drill. This is the fourth in my line of converted guardsmen. The arm of a Delaque heavy provided the lascannon, while the body was stolen from the elves and bashed together with some guard stuff.

Once again I did my blue and green. Unlike the other models, this guy had alot of extra stuff due to the backpack and the cadian helmet. I also gave him a monocular. All his handheld equipment was painted green, however I decided his helmet should be black. IT kinda went with the black hair them I had going also solve the problem of having either too much blue or too much green. You may also notice he isnt painted bronze flesh like the others. That is because the head was already painted when I converted this model. Other than that, nothing special. No new techniques, though I watered down the white a little more when adding it to the blue, as per my brother's last suggestion.

Unfortunately, this is probably the worst painted model of the group so far. I hope it stays that way.




The model for my next week fills out the basic command squad. He is a guardsman upgraded with a grenade launcher special weapon. He is created using a eldar grav tank crew, high elf archer pants, a milita blunderbuss, a heavy flamer and a piece of sprue. A vox com is on his back to make him look a little blukier...the grenade launcher dwarfs him a bit too much without it. I also added a chaos marine pack, bot h to make him look like he is carrying a lot of gear for long missions and to hide a horrible job of splicing the body and legs together.


I also have a pic of a model I would like to do for this challange. It stands at roughly 3 inches or so and would be my first non-GW model if I did use it. ITs a Rackham Confrontation Wolfen hunter. Despite being mostly unclothed, there are a lot of little doodads and nicknacks on this model, as well as stitched together leather pants and a bamboo/rock weapon. The reason I have posted him up here is that I am wondering what colours to paint him. I have another armed in a similar manner and two dressed similar but with much more details on them. Most of the wolfen I have seen are a shade of brown, black, white or blue. I was thinking white, but then I don't want their fur colour to conflict with the bone helmet they are wearing. Any suggestions on how to paint or what colours to paint this guy are welcome, though I probably won't paint him very soon.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2: Hivemind - When Paint Fails... get something like this.

Notice the "orange peel" effect on the models' left leg. This was a chemical reaction with the current line of GW paint mixed with Liquitex Slow Dri. Unfortunately, the current line of paints dries far too fast for my blending technique without it...
So I'll have to try to buff off the flakes and fix it up using more traditional methods, perhaps...or a different brand of paint.
Anyway, this was the model primed and ready to go...


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 2: Tristan - Dwarf (warhammer quest) progress 2

I've almost gotten all the basecoats done on my Dwarf for warhammer quest. I ended up going with orange just to go with the dark green of the dragon cloak. You'll notice I stayed away from orange hair though. Now it took me a while to realize but it's not a full covering helmet on his head, so what looks like a horsehair plume is actually his hair. Which hair colour should I go with - all grey so he looks a little more grizzled or blonde? Also what colour for his shoes? A neutral colour?

Week 2: Craig - Skeleton Warrior

Limited use of metalics? Check. Blue Grey Cloak? Check Greenish armour? Check.

Ok. the techniques were pretty basic. I used a very watery black wash to add coulour to the recesses. The I used a thin grey on the cloak and use a greyish blue on the high points as a highlight. I used a old scaly green, and a blended layer of one and one or snot green and scaly green. Then I used a goblin green for some highlights. Then a get more highlights with a thin rotthing flesh.

These are actualy 15 mm goblins that I fished out of bargin bin, a few years ago. The are the right size for pugwumpis and armed with similar weapons. The can be used in a variety of role playing capacites as fey or snotiling or other smallish humaoids. The unitis 24 tiny humaoids and in a week with limited "not working" hours, it might not be a beautiful job, but it should be interesing.

Week 3: Tristan - Wardancer (warhammer quest) plan

I have a few more models I kept to build up a collection of all the warhammer quest characters. I plan to try and use lots of greens without losing detail. I think I have to do something interesting with his huge hair as well.

I've got another old high elf model but I'm going to see if I can pull out something different after two weeks of warhammer quest models. I'm also looking for cheaper mfgr's mini's I could use for the following characters (barbarian, wizard, brettonian knight, chaos warrior, imperial noble).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2: Karl - Panzers Marsch!

I have another two panzer III J tanks this week. These are for the painting contest at painting contest at THMG. I'm not particularly happy with the results as I forgot which exact colours I used (I should write this down) and the wash came out very heavy. Fortunately the contest was extended two weeks so I can go back and touch up the details. I was happy with the colour of the commander's jacket, a mix of Vallejo's "Green Ochre" and Citadel Foundation "Charadon Grey". One of the other things I enjoyed about painting these models was using the foam from a blister pack as a paint brush. I dipped a corner of the foam in "Charadon Grey" and carefully dabbed on the paint where I thought paint would chip off.

Next week I plan to paint a pair of ogres belonging to a friend. They are both Ral Partha miniatures, and not bad ones at that.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Week 2: Tristan - Dwarf (warhammer quest) progress

I got my dwarf ready for painting over the last couple days, wanted to get a head start on him since I figure he will be one of the most involved models I'm painting for my set of warhammer quest characters. Most of my others I finished in several hours painting in either a day or two. I fully expect this guy will take longer. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I found it hard to get good focus with all the white.

This required gluing on his dragon cloak.

As well I had to do some green stuff to hide the gap.

I'm going to try to get at least a couple progress posts up per mini now, as that's kinda the fun bit - seeing it progress from pewter to painted. :)

Week 1: Hivemind - Powerfists Strike at Initiative 1!

Well, it's been a crazy hectic two weeks. Unfortunately, I've had to put the hobby stuff away after my last post. However, I have resumed and have begun painting this model anew. I've managed to prime and put an initial basecoat on the model. Now working to build up highlights and detail. My goal is to have this model finished by next Friday...


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 1: The Herald of Discord - Dreadnought

This week, I decided to give into the old saying "Go big or go home." Well, since I was already home, I really had no choice in the matter. While it is not, by far the biggest thing I have, it was as big as I was willing to attempt in one week...

This dreadnought will be featured alongside my terminator army, which is being painted Death Company (something about deranged, psychotic super-engineered giants in thick mechanical suits just warms my heart, you know?). The best thing about this model? I painted it in under three hours AND it looks good. The scheme also looks great when you put the different models beside each other.

I knew I had to make it black....but I didn't want my dreadnought looking like a piece of old charcoal with an assault cannon glued onto it, so I made the cables bright colours and kept the ornamentation gold so it wouldn't look too much like how I intend to paint the terminators. I also did the lens green instead of red since I didn't want the lens to be mixed up with any of the blood angel insignia. I also made liberal use of decals I had running around, since my ability to write or draw anything so small The assault canon is labeled death and the fist is labeled the name despite the fact it is a little used rule....(for those non-warhammerenians, death or glory is a rule that allows you to risk getting run over in order to have an infantry place a bomb on a charging tank....)

Soooo, how did I paint this so quick? The tip I got was originally for the terminators. Paint it black, dry brush white and then take watered down black and go over any parts you don't want drybrushed. It really helps. So without further delay, I give you...the dreadnought: