Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 8: Tristan - Snotling (blood bowl)

This year I'm going to try and get any smaller outstanding projects complete. Tops on that list are my orc blood bowl team - Da Badlandz Deff Ramz, and also my necromunda Spyrers. To that end to try and get caught up with you guys I got my little snotling score counter painted up. I tried several ways of writing "skor" including k & r backwards, but still ended up liking this the best. I have something to use as a turn counter (old school musician) but I need ideas for re-roll counters - any thoughts?

Week 9 yet again: The Raf - Two Warwitch Sirens

These babies just got released about a week ago and I can't wait to play with them for their awesome support abilities, so I had to put them high up on the painting chain!

They are done rather quickly again to generally match my Cryx theme, though I lightened the green on them since I didn't want them to look like they were wearing the same armor as my warjacks. Not as excited about my overall paint job here but they'll do.

Week 8: Scallywag, Sniper chap

My week 8 mini is this GW sniper. Took me longer than I expected but that is how I tend to do things. Hate his head, don't mind the rest. The gun was the best to paint. Silver base with a mix of greens and washes. There could be more detail, but it could have been a lot worse.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 7: Craig - Warhammer Dwaf Priest

This is what I am painting this week. It is a Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Priest. He has bee sitting in his out of his blister pack in his president condition from at least 2008 and I that my hammerer could use some company on the finished shelf.

Week 6: Craig - Reaper Sabertooth Tiger

Well Pugwumis are bad luck. Ther are still in the work tray, and I will get them done but not today.

My week six is a Reaper Sabertooth Tiger. I tried to plan this one out, and looked at pictures of what lions and tigers have for colouration. so it has a lighter underside, and a rippling yellowing-brown fur coat. And Of course prominent teeth.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 9 again: The Raf - Eldar Vyper

Here's that Vyper. I've had it primed red and blacklined for a long, long time now so getting it painted is a nice hurdle to get over. It's a Saim-Hann style look with more white on the actual body. The black is flat Chaos Black and the white is endless, multiple (argh!) coats of straight Skull White - I hope you find it eye-catching. The weapon slot is magnetized for all the different guns like all my other vehicles. I love the sculpt on these things and am determined to make this Vyper the hypothetical start of a huge Jetbike wing one day...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 9: The Raf - Eldar Warlock

The onslaught continues with my next mini: an Eldar warlock. He is painted to match my other 3 'locks which incidentally are painted to match the Saim-Hann look in the Eldar book. I've had him basecoated for months now...finally got the bugger painted! Like my basic troops and vehicles, he's primed red, painted whole with Blood Red, drybrushed with a couple of shades of ever-lighter orange and then washed with GW Red Ink. The symbols are just basic freehand, no highlighting, just single lines of Skull White.

I'm in another groove today and might actually finish up a Vyper later I'm cranking out as well, look for it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 7: Hivemind - 'Nids.....duh!

Due to some irritation with my eyes, I had to forgo work on the captain I started last week, as I was having difficulty seeing, etc. I've made suitable progress, but want to finish it before posting.

I'm also suffering from some sort of hobby blahs, and just not feeling inspired to paint, or hobby, so didn't want to force myself to work on that model and potentially be unhappy with the results.

Since I couldn't do a lot of detail work, I decided to get to work on some 'Nids. I built 22 Termagants, and decided to paint 10 to do a colour trial. He's a photo of some of the unpainted 'Gants. It was during this work that I realised I was well into my hobby funk as I just couldn't get into it. So it was merely a technical exercise for me to try to find a fast scheme that I like.

When it came time to start priming, I found conditions were not ideal for spray priming in the garage. The primer just wasn't spraying with any consistency. So instead I broke out the airbrush and sprayed them with GW Scorched Brown as a primer/basecoat.

I then painted multiple washes/layers of Red Gore, highlighted by Blood Red and Red Gore mixture, all the way to Blood Red. I then gave it several more washes of Red Gore and a wash of Brown Ink, to give it that wet gorey flayed look. The chitin, I painted Snake Bite leather over the scorched brown, in a very rough drybrush with heavy load on the brush. I then mixed in some Bleached Bone and repeated. Finally I mixed in some skull white and repeated again. It was a very rough drybrush, to make it look more organic and naturally rough and aged.

I then picked out the teeth and claws with the same basic colours as the chitin. Finally the tongues were painted Liche Purple and then given a Purple Ink wash.

Hopefully, next week I'll be able to get that old school captain finished and posted here. Until then, happy painting!


Week 7: Tristan - Psyker/Wyrd (warhammer 40k/necromunda) painted

Well something had to be done to snap The Raf's streak (at four posts in a row, what a machine!) - I got home and took a break from doing some space marine bits (I have a large batch of Space Sharks marines & vehicle bits to paint, but one can only line with black wash for so long before one needs a break) to get this guy painted up and get my week 7 completed (late!). All in all I probably spent about 4 hours painting him.

He's an imperial psyker, I bought that blister with three of them in it to use one for my genestealer cult magus (funnily enough - not even fully painted yet) and last time I had the hobby room I primed this guy for whenever the urge fell upon me.

Any IG army I do is still a long time coming, but I could easily use this model as a wyrd in Necromunda (perhaps the Empath wyrd from Anthony Cases "Even Wyrder" supplement, or I'm sure he could be a Telepath or even a Beastmaster).

I decided to use goblin green for his robes just to be really different from anything I've already painted, he'll be based the same as my other Wyrds which should really make him pop when it's done. I spent some extra time on his face but everything else was pretty much basecoat, then a wash of devlan mud over everything. I also stayed away from red as that would've been one too many models with red/yellow/green - so some details are regal blue and the purity seal wax is leviathan purple.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 8+1/2: The Raf - Vindicare Assassin

Had this guy for a while but hadn't painted him because I couldn't think of anything creative to do with him. As you can see I eventually decided to just go with a pretty standard look, though with a slightly more cartoony look due to the highlights being done rather quickly, ha ha! I don't foresee using him too much with my Grey Knights since he's too many points for too little effect but here he is.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 8: The Raf - Cryx Leviathan helljack

Did my Levi this weekend, just in time for gaming. Pretty fast job, once again matching my overall Cryx theme of dark green and gold with some necrotic green highlights. I did a basic drybrush of Boltgun metal over dark green and used a basic, chunky (not very thinned down) Devlan Mud wash over Blighted Gold with some very minor touching up with half Blighted Gold/ half Shining Gold. I love the look of this 'jack, I just wish it sucked less in gameplay...

The brick wall/corner thing is from the Nightmare jack's parts, in case you are wondering. I used it to steady the model since as anyone who has tried to put one of the Cryx crabjacks together knows, it is a disaster trying to get the darned thing to balance alone on its three tiny claws with that absurdley long fourth leg.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7.5: The Raf - 4 Bane Thralls

My painting frenzy continues (god bless random free time), this time I decided to take a bit of a mental break after the Land Raider job.

Here I have 4 Bane Thrall troopers to add to my previous unit of 6 - Bane Thralls are much improved in the MKII rules and they're getting a unit attachment soon so I finally decided to fill the unit out.

Much simpler job matching the very basic theme I went with for most of my Cryx army - speed painting at its...most obvious? Well I like the look anyways and I certainly wanted to stick with the exact look I used for the previous 6 troops more than 2 years ago.

Last photo shows the whole group of 10, together at last.

Hope you guys enjoy it, I should have a Leviathan painted very soon too - when done it will mean I have every single Helljack from Cryx table ready!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 7: The Raf - Land Raider Crusader #1

Here's my first Land Raider Crusader for my Grey Knight Force. Did a little bit more work on this one than the Dire Avengers since it's more of a centerpiece for the army.

I decided against the decals since things didn't go so well with them on my Exarch and so far I've avoided their use on the rest of the army so I just figured it wouldn't match too well.

I magnetized the assault cannon for easy transport (and for showing Weapon Destroyed results)and the multi-melta is also unglued for similar reasons.

Hope you guys like the Raider, gonna throw him down on the table tonight!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 7: Scallywag

My Week 7 outing is a 54mm German Stormtrooper from The Great War. He comes with a full kit of gear which must have been a real pain in the ass to have to carry in No Man's Land. This was my first historical one I have done in a while. I think the colors are a little darker to what he might actually have wore, but it is hard to tell. Colored images from the era are almost non-existent and any that do exist won't give any guarantee of being 100% accurate in its colors.

I did him with a lot of weathering. A lot of dirt and mud and some scratching to metal areas. Skin wasn't to bad, but it helped that it was dirty.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6: Tristan - LOTR Wargs (warhammer) painted

A quick post. I had to focus on getting my wargs painted as they've been sitting here primed for two weeks. I've actually painted 30 of them, you can see more details on my blog. Not sure how many this should count but I definitely need them to count as week 6. Some of you (aka Karl) have seen my washes only goblins before. This is more of the same.
Edit: Wow no comments eh? I guess it's not very impressive seeing three models. Maybe this will be more impressive. (< 6 hours total painting time from primed to finished for all 30).

I've given myself 15 points for these guys, as they are essentially all 1/2 a model until I get the riders done.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 6: The Raf - Finally got my hat in the ring!

Well, here goes nothing - my first finished paintjob for the blog!

My first outing is a unit of 10 Eldar Dire Avengers with Exarch. His weapons are magnetized so I can swap out his setup as need be. Last two pics are before painting, this unit was the primed unit of 10 one on the right.

Paint job is a simple, table-top look that matches the rest of my fledgling Eldar army - I'm trying for a striking, strong contrast look with white, red and black with gold highlights and green Spirit stones everywhere. A rather quick job as I'm really trying to blitz through as many minis as possible, including more Eldar, several Grey Knight Land Raiders as well as a whole bunch of Warmachine stuff. Phew.

On a side note, I tried using transfers for the first time ever on the Exarch's flags and the results were less than stellar. I knew my laziness would get me...Any tips on getting those things to stick without that look of milky plasticness around the transfer will be greatly appreciated!

Hope you guys like the minis and expect more to come.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 6: The Herald of Discord - Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminator

Been through December and first week of January posts, agreeing weeks and changing tags. But since Karl suggest we all do our own, I stopped there.

This week, I finished a terminator. This guy took me twice as long as any of the other models up on here (probably even took longer than the Dreadnought).

I havent used any new techniques on this model, sticking mostly with the same palette as the dreadnought. The only difference are the purity seals. To get the old look of the paper, I paint them white, wash with brown wash and then dry brush with bronzed flesh. No before pics.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 6: Karl - An Excerpt from "Goblin Forces of the Old World"

"... and here we have an example of the pinnacle of Night Goblin cavalry. We can see the rider exhibiting all the arms, armour and skill required of the Night Goblin Squig Rider. As with most cavalry in the Old World, and it is singularly obvious here, the mount is a much more effective fighting force than the rider."

I love goblins. I have a whole army of goblins for Warhammer. The little blighters cannot win a game, but they do lose so spectacularly. I have hordes of goblins (gobbos) to paint and if I am ever in a jam for my weekly mini, I can pull one out of the drawer and in 30 minutes I can have a decent figure also useful for my army. This squig rider is part of an unpainted unit I rarely use as I do not like how randomly the unit moves about the table (a silly gripe from a goblin commander). This goblin took extra time as the squig also required painting.

Given that I have a test in one of my classes next week it is unlikely I'll finish my French infantry, but they are still on the painting table.