Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scallywag: Week 11, Undead Pirate

Well I think it has become obvious that I won't finish all 52 for the year. I spend a lot of time on each mini and a fair number are bigger than 28mm. Still that being said I will forge on and see how many I can finish. My 11th is an undead pirate from Black Scorpion. The detail is decent, but not huge. The sword lets him down a little as its very thick, much like Reaper does.

However it isn't terrible and I think it would make a cool rpg mini. It comes as part of a four pack for $20.00 making him $5.00 for that I think he is ok and I got 5 bucks worth of entertainment painting him.

Dirtied his pants, rusted his sword a little. bleached bone and several browns to darken up his frame. For something different it was fun. I will be hitting the other undead pirates from this pack a little later on.


  1. I like him, I think he looks right out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If you like undead pirates, I might suggest also taking a look at the Revenant Pirate Crew from the Cryx Warmachine faction. They are full of character and have some great models for a decent price (I think a unit of 6 is 28-35 dollars).

  2. Yeah I tend to like Undead a lot, but they also get a bit over the top. I like this line and the Warmachine has some good ones in it.