Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 14 - Necron Wraiths

My first Necron figures painted in over 2 years! I decided to finally invest in 6 Wraiths to try and create a close-combat core to my Necron army. These are the first three, the others have been in shipping limbo for what seems like ages, I hope they arrive soon.

You'll notice I added 5/8 washers to the bases to weight them down better since I had a feeling the models would have a tendency to fall over - I'm pretty happy with the choice.

The paintjobs are a standard look to match my extremely standard looking Necrons (I just love the traditional, sleek metallic look). Super fast to paint and they died just as quickly in their first game, ha ha. They may mostly suck gameplay-wise right now but I like the models and I think things will get better once I can field three more to maximize the chance they'll actually get to roll for We'll Be Back (if you know what that is). Hope you guys like them.

1 comment:

  1. with alllll that variety in army selection you have, plus the new vehicle rules, I'm wondering how you dont just have lots of necrons (and flayed ones) with a side of how many monoliths can you fit in the army.

    I love the wraith models though and as you can judge from my CSMs, I dont mind the paint job. Love the little green tubes. I think your wraith could benefit from something other than silver on them. Maybe do some white or green designs on their backs or add some gold somewhere...there is just nothing that catches my eye except for that bit of green on the bottom of the middle one.