Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 20 - Farseer on Jetbike

Here's my centrepiece of the Jetbike Council unit - the Farseer on Jetbike. I'm pretty proud of the conversion work in this guy, I spent a lot of time thinking and creatively strategizing what to do to make him look decidedly more impressive and leader-like than the rest of the unit.

His bike is a combination of a Dark Eldar jetbike with a regular Eldar one. You'll see the rest of the Dark Eldar bike parts on my upcoming Autarch on Jetbike conversion, so stay tuned. This farseer's head and spear arm are stolen directly off of the famous farseer model where he's giving the devil horns sign and I filed his robe on down on the spear arm to get it to make sense attached here. There are a variety of other Eldar-ey parts used on him as well. He's supposed to look pretty aggressive compared to the composed, flowy stances of typical Eldar Farseers, but I still wanted him to have a commanding appearance overall.

I'm planning at this point to play in the 2000 pt Spearhead tournament at the Yonge Lawrence GW store on June 19 and I want to have the full unit of 6 + Farseer completed by then. Hope you guys like the model, this one was on the back-burner for a while and I'm pretty happy with the end result.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 20 - Jetbike Warlock with cape

Another converted warlock on bike - this time I used some modeling putty to create a cape on his back. Storm Guardian head again on a Guardian torso. Pretty basic conversion but I think it does the trick.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 19, The herald of Discord, Tau Battlesuit

I painted up a tau suit for this thing a while back, but never got around to posting it. Ill do that now, especially considering how behind I am! Catching up 5 models is going to be a challenge for me as I paint one model at a time, unlike other people on this blog, plus the fact that Ill be away from the country, and my warhammer, for two weeks. And it just so happens to be the two weeks that everything is happening at GW! (GW birthday bashes, new fantasy game release, new 40k expansion release....aaaaauugh)

But I digress.

This week, you will find a lovely little gem I picked up at a Games Day a long time ago. It sat in my bitz box for years all because it didn't have a back. My brother and I tried modeling it every once in a while, but since neither of us play tau, it wasn't at the top of our list. So a bit of plastic card, modeling clay and a few bitz, and you can barely tell that half this battlesuit is least I hope you can barely tell.

I made the mistake of trying to wash the blue on this one using my normal trick of watered down paint, which made it patchy. A good once over should clear that up. I also tried making the red spots look shine with limited success, but I am learning. The hardest thing to pin down was just how to paint this model.

For this model, I wanted minimal metallics, large matte colours and a cityscape pallet. However, until just before I finished it I almost called it quits. I was having trouble tying in all the blue. A very good friend of mine suggested colouring the back half of the head and antennae blue and leaving the front half black....such a little thing made this model come together, one I painted the missiles blue, too. I feel the colours are balanced out nicely on this one.

My favourite part about the model is the head. The normal heads look like boxes with camera lens on them. What I have there is a sensory unit that comes on the sprue, a multi-tracker for those in the know. I think it gives the suit a colder, more insect like feel...

Next up, find a way to make up 7 lost weeks after I get back into Canada. See you in a couple of weeks!

Week 19 again - Jetbike Warlock with Spear

Another converted warlock on jetbike, this time with a Storm Guardian head and a spear from an old Farseer model on a Guardian torso. I modeled a regular Witchblade on him as well as the spear so I can pick which one to equip him with, depending on what I want the unit to do.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 19: Karl - Captain Planet's Henchmen

I completely forgot to post this last week, but as I am under the weather I have nothing to show for this week.

I painted two elementals this week. A water elemental and an air elemental, both from Ral Partha. Both figures were painted using the same techniques and colours; layering on successively lighter shades of blue until white is reached. I feel that I should have used more white on the air elemental, or at least started with a lighter shade.

I have not decided what to do for bases yet, but likely I will use green stuff and continue the theme at the bottom of each model onto a large sized base. For next week I plan to finish off the ogre in the background of the first picture. I am very behind in painting my friend's miniatures
My list to finish off over the next few weeks.
ogre (from week 2),
OOP Bugman's ranger (dwarf)
Fire elemental (for week 21)
Hippogrif (for week 22)
Blue Dragon (for week 23)
Chinese Dragon (for week 25?)
A medusa (for week 24)

Week 19 - Jetbike Warlock with witchblade

Got my second jetbike warlock painted up, again a conversion. That's a Shining Spear torso and head with spare Howling Banshee powersword painted up to look like a witchblade. I'm sticking with my plan to have each bike 'Lock look uniquely different - this guy features the long, gemmed vanes from a heavy weapons officer, a strange power gem on the rear of the bike and a black canopy instead of my traditional red for a change. These guys are fun to paint because I can't wait to see what a unit of them will look like on the board, each one his own unique elite psychic warrior :). They might give the local tank players a shiver or two as well...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 14: Back to basics

Mantic games did a promo where if you signed up to their newsletter they would send you a free Ghoul mini. People said it was a scam, a joke and you wouldn't get one. They were right. I didn't get one. They sent me two.

Then those same people complained that the detail isn't as good as GW etc etc. First off they sent them world wide for free, including free postage. What more could people want?

I painted this fellow up in 2 and 1 1/2 hours. From cutting off the sprue to completion. I think the detail is quite good. I think the pose is interesting and exciting. I like the tattered clothing. He was easy to paint, he was fun to paint. I used mostly Mantics paint range. Blue for clothing, old wood for skin, GW washes, pigments for dirt at the end.

I like mantic. A LOT! I paid 24.99 for 10 skeleton mini's, a brush and 6 paints. I paid 14.99 for 10 Skeletons. Which come with some choices and a few extra goodies. They are great value.

Week 13: Fokker Dr 1

Doing some variety. I am always fascinated by the First World War aircraft. While I have my favourites [Albatros, Camel, Spad] The Fokker Dr 1 is probably the most famous. Even though its pilot got most of his kills in a Albatros rather than the DR 1. If I do another of these I will do a Matt finish to tone down the shine.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 12: Scally Wag. Took ages.

For something different I worked on a Tamiya 1/48 scale Mosquito bomber. This was a test for learning new skills. Things like filling and sanding are new to me. It was also my first big airbrush project. The amount of decals was more than normal.

Needless to say there was a lot that went wrong for me. The kit gets rave reviews so I can only think it was my inexperience. I did however learn that the instructions should not always be followed, especially in regards to painting order. I think there is easier ways than the instructions outlined.

In the end I am not happy with it. But as it was to experiement with the new skill set, I can't really complain. My next will be better.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 18: Tristan - Cowboy

Well hopefully this gets me back on track. My last post was more than 5 weeks ago just before a local blood bowl tournament when I finished up (nearly) the rest of my orc blood bowl team. While that gave me some motivation to finish them up, it sadly didn't live long. As soon as I got my dark elf blood bowl team back from my friend Thomas all painted, it let me off the hook in terms of getting a team ready for the next tournament. I had hoped this would mean I would jump back into painting for the fun of it, but it didn't really work out that way.....

Until - I found Dave's "Mini Painting for Free" blog. The premise here is that Dave was struggling with motivation, so he decided to paint other people's mini's for free, in the hopes that it would at least curtail his own spending on models that would sit on the shelf. It hasn't stopped his spending 100%, but it does seem to be working fairly well. I decided I was going to send Dave a couple figs of mine to paint, but I also thought I would give a go at painting one or two of his figs, to try and spark my own motivation.

It has worked to a degree, first of all the motivation is definitely there to paint when you owe it to someone else (just ask Thomas ;-) ) and secondly while I haven't started painting batches of guys yet - I have started painting some more of my individual figs. I decided to focus on getting Dave's done since I'm off to Jamaica tomorrow and have yet to send him mine. This way that week won't be in vain - Dave will get one of his figs back and mine will go along for the ride so he can begin painting them. Without further ado...

I distinctly remember telling Dave when we were figuring out the swap that I didn't care what figs he sent "hell send me a cowboy if you like" since I hoped a change might do me some good, and sure enough a cowboy was in the package he sent. I will be sending him an old genestealer patriarch and one of my harlequins (I've decided to get various people to paint up my few harly's so they all should have their own "touch" - if any of you guys are interested, let me know!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 18 - Guardian Jetbike squad

Here's my first squad of Guardian Jetbikes, 6 of them to get my wing started. You'll notice that they look a little different than the official ones - that's because I converted the torsos, heads and back vanes from regular Guardian bodies. The basic jetbike rider that comes in-box is horrifyingly ugly, has a mis-proportioned torso and a psychotic-looking head that is, worst of all, a single piece molded onto the terrible body, so you can't even just swap heads to get a better look. I think someone on the net said the model hasn't been changed for almost 20 years or something like that and I believe it. The bikes themselves still look great though so a little body swap and we're off.

Luckily, the Interwebs hate Guardians for some reason so picking up a bunch of them is usually pretty cheap, making this not a terribly expensive conversion. I gave one of the riders a Wood Elf sword-arm just to add a teensie bit of variety as well.

For the Shuriken Cannon upgrades (one out of every three Jetbikes is allowed it) I did something extremely simple - I simply chopped off one side of the catapult on an angle and glued it to the other side to make an extended barrel. Not nearly as extensive or impressive as most people's choices but reasonably effective, I think. The sigils are just decals again, for speed and consistency.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 17: Karl - More Little Tanks

My submission for this week is another five shermans. I cast these shermans myself from molds of the two originals. My technique is imperfect, so I had to use epoxy putty to fix or hide the air bubbles and miscast portions. The tank at the back will have its tracks replaced due to damage which I could not hide.

I used the same painting techniques as on the other two shermans, 1 layer of paint, a wash and then a heavy drybrush. I mixed the colours myself, the Citadel paints I use are often too bright for World War Two equipment. These tanks did not turn out as well as the others and the picture shows I need to do much more work to tidy these tanks up, but they look fine on the table top (played in a tourny with them this weekend, they died in droves).

I was painting these univeral carriers as support for the tanks, but have not finished yet. Up soon are some mid-war sherman tanks. I plan to take a little more care with them. The camouflage needs neater lines than what I have been doing.

Above is my first experiment at presculpted bases, once I improve my casting abilities, I will make thirty or so for my terminator army. The base above is the first of three prototypes I have. I note that the rivets (which I made by melting plastic through a small hole), did not cast properly. I do not know why this is, possibly due to air bubbles or undercuts on the actual model.

Finally we have a prototype dug-in marker to use with my Flames of War army. As I sculpted this one myself I could try selling these to the local hobbyists. I intend to have three or more models in large and small sizes.

Not too bad for a five hour speed paint...

I present to you - Officer of the Fleet Bayerlein:

He needs more work mind you - and will get it, but for the moment he's done enough. Click on the image to get the full three view photo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 17 - Guardian Defenders

I'm not trying to swamp this board, I swear it - I'm just on an insanity kick with regards to painting and sharing my efforts here is keeping me motivated. To that end, here's a swarm of my first painted Guardians, two units' worth. Unfortunately in my craze I forgot to take photos of them before painting but here they are regardless.

I tried a new technique on these guys which not only was faster than on my Dire Avengers but I think actually looks superior to those. Essentially, rather than priming red, then painting Blood Red+dark orange drybrush + light orange drybrush + GW Red Ink, I simply primed white and just used a through coat of GW Red Ink. Now that I've seen the results I wish I had actually done my Dire Avengers the same way, these guys were much quicker to paint and the Avengers now look a little heavy-handed in comparison.

Anyways, onto actual unit - you'll notice a few conversions: one Guardian is carrying two severed Ork heads as a trophy and another is lugging around a Khorne Berzerker head. I thought this would help taunt my two main opponents who play Orks and Chaos respectively, hehe. It's also a bit ironic since there is really no way in hell Guardians would ever win a straight fight against either of those troops!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 17, The Herald of Discord, Chaos Space Marine

This is a paint to finish job, just trying to get something I can post and play with. Lacking access to a better camera at the moment, I apologize for the shoddy camera-ship.
In all honesty, the paint job is thick and not all that clean. Im hoping to simply hide him in the non-important unit he will be joining. Hopefully the next models will be something worth discussing, neither of which I plan on being chaos space marines. How many models should we be at now?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 17 - Jetbike Warlock

Finally got going on my jetbike wing for my Eldar army. Behold - I present to you my first full conversion for this blog, a Jetbike Warlock. As you may know, GW gives Eldar players the option of mounting their Warlocks and HQ units on Jetbikes but doesn't provide actual models for them (aside from the grossly overpriced and not-great-looking Autarch on Bike) so I guess it's a long-term goal of any Eldar player to build his own conversions.

For the wings I used some cheap-ass Archangel minis I found at Hairy T and sawed off the wings to plug them onto the regular jetbike frame after a lot of filing down/smoothing. The body of the Warlock is mostly a mix of leftover Dire Avenger Exarch parts except for the rear panels on his back which the observant might recognize as the leftover bike wings I chopped off to make way for the real wings.

I made my pact with evil and decided to stick to decals for my jetbike wing, luckily this one turned out a little better than the ones on my Dire Avenger Exarchs.

Check back soon for my first unit of 6 Jetbike Guardians and TWO entire units of regular Guardians I'm finishing up- I'm on an insane roll this week and painting like crazy!