Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Cryx: Big 'n' small

Got a few more Cryx jacks painted up over the last few days, a big one and small one. The Seether is my second one, I've always loved the aggressive, crazed-robot-gone-feral look and now I have another one to play in theme armies. My Helldiver is the third one I've added to my crew, I actually quite like the model as well and what it stands for - a burrowing monstrosity that really can't be stopped until he picks a target. The Helldiver comes with a token to represent where on the board he burrowed last, that's the little nugget you see alongside him.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 29, the herald of discord, Space marine, predator and Black Mamba

So in my effort to make up for lost time, I painted 3 models for this week. I have long since given up weekly postings, but I must abide by the convention of the blog.
First up is a predator. Unlike the other models for this army, I did not dry brush this one with white to highlight the edge. Rather, I went with straight black, opting to add colour with some stowage on the tank and the turret.

Next, is a space marine tank crew. He was painted like the others with the white dry brush.

Last, I have taken my easy black technique to Heavy Gear with my first non-warhammer model. Luckily the Black Talons, the faction in heavy gear that I am leaning towards, use black mechs (go figure). I decided to take a page from the battlesuit I painted earlier this year and use panels of another colour to break up the black, in this case blue. I don't claim to be an imaginative painter...or a good one...but there you go. This particular heavy gear has a slight conversion; the missle pod should be on his shoulder.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 29 - Lich Lord Venethrax

Looks like we're on a roll, let's keep it going! Got my newest warcaster painted up, Lich Lord Venethrax. Made his head spikes into Necrotite instead of metal. The sigils on his sword are done with old GW green ink. Pretty basic job but I'm happy enough with him.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 16: Stormtrooper

Here is my 72mm Stormtrooper. I was under a fair amount of pressure to do him shiney white, but in the end I resisted and went with my gut. We always saw them clean and polished. But these guys were the elite, the hardened forces that tackled the hardest missions the empire had. So I went with a city fighter. Like a German SS soldier in Stalingrad. This guy has been fighting house to house, through the ruins of some distant, shattered cityscape.

Week 15: Thief

So here is a small 28mm Reaper mini. Still far from the best mini's in the world as is their claim, but for 3.00 this mini is very decent. The detail is pretty crisp and it is an interesting pose. I tried something different this time in the form of a mask instead of bare skin.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 29: Karl - Pantryville Raiders

Introducing for the first time anywhere, the Pantryville Raiders' Captain Marty McPie!

When the team is done Tristan, I'm calling you out for a game!

I finally got around to doing some painting. This little guy is the test piece for my new halfling Blood Bowl team. I used the same skin painting techniques as with the other halfling I painted in week 4. Start with a layer of GW Sorched Brown or Privateer Press (PP) Battlefield Brown and add small amounts of GW Elf Flesh in each successive layer until the last layer is Elf flesh only. Keep the paint wet and with the last couple of layers paint only where the light hits. This technique is supposed to be fairly quick, but I still spent a long time on this figure.

A similar technique was used on the pink jersey, which is, in fact, a mix of GW Blood Red and GW Skull White, as I don't have any pink colours in my collection. I tried the GW Foundation paint Mechrite Red, but found the resulting pink to be too muted for my taste.

Some points for next time:
I need to remember to stop using GW Flesh Wash which always manages to make my miniatures shiny and loses the soft layering technique.
I need to remember to paint the eyebrows.
I need to find a method to paint letters nicely on the jersey.
I need an easy to paint team logo.

Not sure if I'll be able to post again next week as I have a re-enactment event with the King's Royal Yorkers at Fort George coming up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 27: Tristan - Antagonist "aka the bad guy"

Another long hiatus between posts.  Life hasn't been too crazy I just seem to lack motivation.  I've finally finished up Dave's second model (from mini painting for free)

Sorry for the quality of the photos, just took these quickly with my phone.  When I get a chance I'll stitch these last four together to give a 360 degree look.

I used my tested and true method for black which is very light gray drybrush highlight followed by several layers of badab black wash. I missed a tiny piece of flash on his cloak so I painted it green to look like a caterpillar or bug. Other than that I stuck to neutral'ish colours since he's not necessarily uber evil. Though I did paint dark arched eyebrows to make him look sinister.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 27 - Another Eldar Warlock

More warlocky goodness, this time an older model from 2nd edition I believe. Same scheme as you've seen before with some, ahem, rather heavy-handed freehand designs as I was getting lazy, although I'm still fine with the way this guy looks for tabletop quality. Now I can field my dual Seer-council of Doom fully painted - god help anyone who I feel mean enough to field that against!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 26 - Another Vyper

Got my third Vyper painted, pics show him alone and with his two buddies for a swooping triumvirate of firepower :).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Update

Sorry for my absence. My laptop died and my replacement just arrived, mixed with other horrors of modern life I have been well behind schedule. I have finished a 72mm Stormtrooper and a old Reaper thief. I'll post them this week.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 24(?), The Herald of Discord, Restored Land Raider

I am back from my trip! 2 weeks on a lovely Acores island and then two weeks of 9-5 meetings, arg! Can you tell which one I prefer?

For my next model (I've given up on the whole 'this week' thing) I am showing ye olde land raider.

Last summer, GW held a special event in their store. Players were allowed to bring in their models and trade with other players for models or gift certificates to GW. I was standing next to a guy who had brought a small range of old and ugly models. As we prepared to move out I suddenly noticed that beneath the hunk of green stuff, card board and a ping pong ball, there was an old Land Raider hull. Despite it being severly damaged by drilling and glue and the most horrid paint job ever, I could hardly resist. Luckily, the undeserving owner of such an exquist model had no interest in it whatsoever, giving up the Land Raider for a chaos space marine which I had recieved for free anyway. Since that day, I have been lovingly attempted to restore the little Land Raider that could. Here is my progress. I turned some of the damage paint into battle damage and intend to hide a large part of one side with a hanging banner.

Here are some before pics: