Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 43 - Trollblood Long Riders & Horthol

Finally got my Trollblood cavalry painted up, including their support solo Horthol who has a mounted and dismounted version. Horthol's armor is done in my now standard Terracotta base/drybrush Boltgun Metal/paint gold/wash Devlan Mud style. The Long Rider cavalry are done in a much lazier style of straight Boltgun Metal/Gold and washed with old GW Chestnut Ink to match my original Trolls which I did that way. The only thing the bases are missing is the static grass as I just realized I'm all out of it.

Hope you guys like the models!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 42, The Herald of Discord, undead and heavy gear

Hello! There is COLOUR in my post this time and much more than a dash here and there.

First off, though, lets finish of the black clad gears with this new and last jaeger for now. This completes a squad of five with another 6 unpainted gears at my bros house.

Now, some fun stuff. I have here not one, but TWO zombie linemen for my undead blood bowl team. These two have names: Will (short for Wilhelm) and Grut. The shirts are a base coat of brown with yellow on top and then a brown wash over it. The pants are just green with a black wash. The skin is made from using various colours watered down and essentially washed over bronzed flesh with a light dry brushing of bronzed flesh over that.

Also for my blood bowl team, a ghoul. I alluded to these models a while back and finally painted one using the same technique for the flesh as for my red zombie in a previous post. The scars are picked out in bronzed flesh and the bone is white with a flesh wash dry brushing.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 41 - Hivemind - Necrons!

Hello everybody.

Yep, it's been a long time since my last post. That's not to say I have not been busy. In fact, I've had a lot of stuff going on and getting things painted. Primarily I've been focusing on Necrons. You see, I have a whole bunch of Necrons in my basement, and decided I would have them painted to a basic Table Top standard by the end of the year. So I've been steadily working away at getting these Necrons done.

First the Necron Warriors.

You can see my step by step progress at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Necron Warriors

Next up are Necron Flayed Ones

You can see the step by step progress for the Flayed ones at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Necron Flayed Ones

And finally some Necron Scarab Swarms.

You can find the step by step progress for the Scarab Swarms at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly - Necron Scarab Swarms

These are currently painted to a basic Table Top standard. Of course, I plan to lavish more detail on the models later one, but my first goal is to get everything in the army painted to the same basic standard. You can follow along on the progress at my blog: Caution: Bonds Skin Instantly and search the keywords for Necron to keep up to date.

As for my miniature total, that brings me up to 41, so caught up!

Hivemind aka Starminer

Week 41, Herald of Discord, Heavy Gear/Space Marines/Hordes Custom

Hey all! Hope my ability to count is accurate as this should be week 41 by my meager calculations. Having been absent for some time I am behind, but I have not been idol during my hiatus and I bring you six new models for you to see my non-existent painting ability. Its a good thing I am good at choosing colours >.<

Anyway, enough self-debasement. First up, another terminator bring me ever closer to a fully painted army. This terminator is a bit different as he has on some long robes. I had decided with an earlier models to keep the robes a simple brown as I could always change them to white later. I think the brown works well and I do not foresee me changing it any time soon. This model has been converted to carry a chain fist. He is accompanied by a scout with heavy bolter stolen from my brother and inducted into the deranged, hallucinating army of space marines that is my ultimate vision.




You may also remember that I did a heavy gear. I have completed three more which means I now have 2 painted black mambas and two painted jaegers. I have one more jaeger to go and Ill have a squad. I have put a decal on the mambas to set them apart....I would like to do more decals on these guys, but since they are not a priority, it can wait. They are painted and that is good enough for me.



And finally, this next model is sculpted in part by moi. I stole the head from a GW ghoul and the hands from some orcs then built the rest. He is a version of the ever decadent Rasheth, the Skorne warlock from hordes. He needs more to beef him up to the same size as the real model, which is held aloft by a bunch of baby were-elephants, but I wanted a more aggressive stance than the one the model had. I call this one evil Buddha.



Monday, October 4, 2010

Satyxis Raiders and some solos

Finally finished my giant ball of Satyxis Raiders for my Cryx army in order to make space for more Trollblood models in the painting chain. I'm not an enormous fan of the models themselves (they are okay) so it took me forever to get these things painted - thank god they are done! You'll find two units of 6 with two Raider Captain solos (I improvised one from a Hecata model available in the PP online store, the other is the chick with the enormously long whip. Today's update also includes two Minion solos that I've had sitting half-finished for months - Madelyn Corbeau and Victor Pendrake. Cheers!