Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 2011.2 : Karl - 8th Indian HQ

Here are my figures for week 2 of 2011. These are the commanders of my Flames of War 8th Indian Division army. The force will have a mix of uniforms since I'd like to use the figures for both the Italy (dark brown) and Africa (light brown) campaigns. Tanks will not be in evidence even though the 4th Canadian supported the Indians at the fourth battle of Monte Cassino. The dark skin tones are done using the same method and with the same colours as the light skin tones, I simply did not continue to the lightest skin tones.
The bases are organized by rank. The first in command (CIC) has 1 figure (the Colonel) in front while the second in command (2IC) has two. Historically, the units were commanded by British officers, and the units were mixed religions, so not all of the infantry units I paint will be clad in turbans. More bases will be added in the following weeks.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2011.1 : Karl - Flame On

Still trying to finish off those remaining figures. A Ral Partha fire elemental hit the table last week and has been completed. The good thing about theses figures is each one is different, and that make painting more enjoyable. I will try to paint a different "race" of figure or group of figures each week.

I had quite a lot of fun with the transitions through the different reds and yellows. Obviously I need some work, but I learned a bit. I suppose I should have tried wet blending on this figure. Maybe next time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 52: Tristan - final few minis for 2010

Well I had a lovely long holiday season that included a trip to BC.  In the last few weeks of 2010 I got a couple more guys painted as I've kicked into hobby gear again.  For the past month I've been assembling more space marine models to paint next year - and one in particular (my first land raider) forced my hand to paint a 6th member of my Crimson Fist terminators so the land raider can roll with a full squad.
He's not perfect - the eagle and other bone details didn't get the right colour wash and the white on the head isn't as clean as the rest of the squad, but from a foot away it's hard to tell so I'm classifying him as done!

I also got a couple more necromundan rats painted up.  Very similar to the two I did very early in 2010.  I picked up two more since I want to try running a Wyrd Coven gang using Anthony Case's rules and a beastmaster wyrd can actually gain a boost that allows him to control an extra beast.    I want to get some of the other beast types this year.

This will probably be my last post for this blog.  It was fun following you guys as we all attempted to paint a mini a week, but I found it difficult to keep up with posting on my own blog and my overall amount of painting seemed to diminish.  I'm sure there were other factors involved but I found myself painting models I wasn't planning to use as much (not a bad thing) and my motivation for painting this year was low.  In 2011 I'm going to try to focus on my own blog as posting more frequently there kept my motivation higher and tended to get more response.  All the best in 2011 guys and I will be continue to follow your endeavours.  I hope to play more WHFB and 40k this year so keep me in mind if you are looking for an opponent.