Monday, February 21, 2011

A Question about Ghosts...

Later this year I will be working on a large 1/32 P-51 Mustang fighter. It was called Cripes A Mighty and its pilot was a leading ace with the 352nd Fighter Group. George Preddy had more than 20 planes shot down which is a decent feat for Allied pilots. German and Japanese who were not rotated home had a lot more.

He was killed by friendly anti-aircraft fire which mistook him for an enemy aircraft in 1944.

So here is the thing. As he died violently I don't want to be flippant with how I handle the kit and the mini of him. The mini is a very cool one of him sitting on the rim of the cockpit of his fighter. I am seriously tempted to paint the mini as a ghost as artistically that might look really cool. I have never painted a ghost before, but I know some of you guys have painted water/air elementals which share some characteristics with a ghost kind of painting techniques. I obviously want it to look good. Anyone have any ideas of how to make the mini look cool but ghostly?

The attached image is the mini sitting in the Mustang cockpit.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eldar Warp Spiders

Finally painted up my full squad of 10 Warp Spiders with Exarch. For once I did a look extremely close to the standard GW paintjob...because their standard paint job actually matched my Saim-Hann theme! Weapons done in my general blue look like my vehicle guns while the symbols on their foreheads are just the basic decals that come on the Eldar transfer sheet. I sprayed them a bit heavily with matte varnish so they came out looking a little cartoony but I'm okay with the look. I've also got a video up that shows them a little closer, as well as the backs:

Also, a couple of vids that look at the construction and strategy of a couple of recent tournament armies - even if you're not interested in the gaming stuff the vids are a good look at the painted minis:

#1: Saim-Hann army:
#2: Mechanized army:

Cheers guys, and keep on paintin'!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I am working on.

Nothing quite finished as everything has been big and I need to find my airbrush. I am 2/3 done on a 1/72 German Ju-88 bomber. Up to painting the massive 1/48 scale VF-19 from the animate series Macross Plus. Figure wise I have a 1/48 US  Navy Pilot to do and a sexy missile launcher chickie from the Infinity game. There is no way I will be doing 52 this year lol

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Farseer on jetbike & 2 more warlocks

After a smashingly fun tournament today I came home pumped up to finish my second Jetbike Farseer and two more warlock buddies, which I did :). Two more warlocks to go until I have a full unit of 10 available...

I'm very much loving the Saim Hann style of army these days, hence the need for more psychic masters on bikes in general!

I tried to do something quite original (or so I think) with the farseer, I hope you like him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second Fire Prism Grav Tank

Happy February everyone :). Just finished my second Fire Prism for my Eldar army, got a few shots of it plus a shot of both together. Last pic is all a shot of a recent army I took to a tournament, including my army board - the board I made the night before, pretty basic job that included a can of Stone Effects spray paint that sprays down with the texture you see.

Nice to see the blog is still running!

Edit: on a side note, it appears the blog has randomly decided to rotate several of my iphone photos either 90* or upside down completely...strange since the target image displays right side up in Windows. Any know why this is happening?

Week 2011.4 : Karl - Faceless Demon

I think this is the last of the figures I needed to paint for the one friend, except the dragon. That one may take some time, and probably would not be a "weekly mini" at all! I don't think it is a Ral Partha sculpt because the base is not shaped like the others. The bottom is defaced, so I cannot read any of the words. I might search for it later.

The odd thing about this miniature is the total lack of detail on the face. It simply is not there. I applied my standard layered paint technique interspersed with some washes and dry brushing for a quick and easy paint job.

Week 2011.3 : Karl - 8th Indian Support

There was a flurry of painting this week. I had a tournament to attend at the end of this week. The first set of figures were two six pounders and crew. The second set of figures was more finishing off what I had started in a previous posting as well. If I remember correctly I pulled off 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss. Not bad for their first outing.
I never claimed they were pretty, I just claimed that they are done.