Monday, February 21, 2011

A Question about Ghosts...

Later this year I will be working on a large 1/32 P-51 Mustang fighter. It was called Cripes A Mighty and its pilot was a leading ace with the 352nd Fighter Group. George Preddy had more than 20 planes shot down which is a decent feat for Allied pilots. German and Japanese who were not rotated home had a lot more.

He was killed by friendly anti-aircraft fire which mistook him for an enemy aircraft in 1944.

So here is the thing. As he died violently I don't want to be flippant with how I handle the kit and the mini of him. The mini is a very cool one of him sitting on the rim of the cockpit of his fighter. I am seriously tempted to paint the mini as a ghost as artistically that might look really cool. I have never painted a ghost before, but I know some of you guys have painted water/air elementals which share some characteristics with a ghost kind of painting techniques. I obviously want it to look good. Anyone have any ideas of how to make the mini look cool but ghostly?

The attached image is the mini sitting in the Mustang cockpit.


  1. I've always liked the look that GW used on the "king of the dead" from lotr. Try this link to see what I mean. I would suggest prime with a medium grey and drybrush through lighter greys up to white and then stain with either a bluish or greenish wash/ink (maybe a couple coats) to stain it.

  2. I totally paint my ghost-style figures in that style, ex:[IMG][/IMG]

    Basically you go dark green basecoat, some kind of light green drybrush (I think I used Scorpion Green from the GW line), a quick ink/wash of dark green to hit the recesses, then one or two more drybrush layers of increasingly lightened greens, et voila. Very fast and easy.

  3. Awesome thanks for the replies I appreciate it.