Friday, March 4, 2011

Ju-88 Airfix Build

 My first for the year. This was for another challenge. Though only for a single model. The theme had to be anti-shipping aircraft and this Junkers Ju-88 fit that requirement. The Junkers was an amazing plane that filled a bunch of different rolls. From bomber, anti-shipping and even as a huge heavy fighter when they fitted a bunch of canon to its nose.

This kit was not a fun one to build. The molds for this kit are 40 years old and over time the process causes them to deteriorate. GW will be facing this problem as well at some point. With the molds being so old the fit quality is well gone. Nothing fitted right, parts were to big or to small. A nightmare. I have included 2 pics one overall and the other a closer up image of the weathering I did on the fuselage. I have two big figures to do this year.

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