Sunday, May 1, 2011


 This one has been ongoing for a long time but got it done last night. Was cool to paint, had lots of fun doing it and this one had no real issues to deal with. bargain all round.


  1. his jeans look freakin mint dude! great job - what size model is he?

  2. I agonized over the jacket and jeans. Especially the jeans. I was close to needing medication I think lol But I am very happy with how the jeans turned out. Thanks for appreciating them.

    He is a massive 72mm tall. I couldn't use all my 28mm tricks to hide mistakes like I normally do. I do need to work on skin tone on the larger mini's. He needed to be weathered but I might have done him a little to dark.

  3. Face does look a little dark, probably needed a more greyish colour than brown (more scruffy than leather)
    Hands are ok IMO.

    Still.. JEANS = MINT

  4. Yeah I think so too. While its at a stage I consider done, once I finish the little 28mm I am working on I might give the face a couple of skin tone washes to lighten it up. I don't like many skin tone paints as they tend to get pasty.

  5. I am thinking of mixing a little grey in with the skin tone and doing it as a wash, just to lighten up the skin a little. He's rugged so it needs that weathered look and not elf like, but the wood tone browns ended up being darker than I wanted. Will also give a little more contrast to the hair